Sound: Gregory Whitehead’s radio works

Working primarily with radio, artist Gregory Whitehead has developed sound compositions, poems, lectures and plays for nearly 30 years. The potency of his sound works are derived from juxtaposing linguistic and abstract noise, and the accumulation of disembodied voice patterns. Whitehead’s practice points not to the materiality of sound, but rather what he terms as underlying relationships of living/dead, present/removed, outcast/audience.

While sounds can be controlled, these underlying relationships are extremely unstable, and sometimes you just have to give into what they want to do. So there is the wily spirit of the Trickster, perhaps, who has the humour to be both master and victim of the scene.

If a Voice Like, Then What?, 1984, 2m 48s, voice cut-up, Tellus cassette

Zigurrat, 1984, 4m 38s, dance soundtrack and compilation release, chant degeneration

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