Born 1983, Glasgow, based in London

Cara Tolmie, 'The end is a tumultuous noise', text and performance work, 15 April 2010

Working with sound, performance, text and video, Cara Tolmie constructs scenarios that probe the intersection between personal and philosophical knowledge. Tolmie’s performances move between the voice and the word, the abstract gesture and its relation to the making of meaning. Often using refrains and repeated physical movements to create sequential or episodic structures, Tolmie uses the space of performance to generate temporary architectures in which actions can be played out according to the autonomous logic.

Commissioned for The Voice Is A Language, Tolmie presents The end is tumultuous noise, a text and performance work. The complexity of Tolmie’s fictive writing collides with the moment of present action, where language is transformed from encounter to abstraction, from meaning to incantation.

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