Born 1983, Cardiff, based in London

James Richards, ‘Untitled (Cinema Programme)’, 2008

The moving image and installation work of James Richards takes material culled from home videos, books, records, CDs, and combines them with the artist’s personal archive. Tracing unlikely rhythmic or gestural connections between heterogeneous materials, Richards saturates his work with a lingering emotional psyche. Often reworking material from previous installations and videos to reroute their initial use in ever-evolving scenarios, Richards’ work examines subjects in relation to affective imagery. Overlooked moments caught on record, the half-glances of the camera, physical demonstrations and abstracted vocal melodies coalesce to form unlikely lyrical encounter.

For The Voice is a Language at Tramway, Richards presents ‘Untitled (Cinema Programme)’, a 17-minute video assemblage  that navigates symbolic and fragmentary moments from the mass archive, orchestrating points of intimacy and rhythm. Although its anti-narrative structure is characteristic of Richards’ restless search for a personal iconography, Untitled (Cinema Programme) is rare in its lush score – one which sets up a rhythmic counterpoint between image and sensual sound environment.

For The Voice Is A Language at Tate Modern, Richards presents Looking So Hard At Something It Distorts Or Becomes Obscured. (Not Blacking Out, Just Turning The Lights Off ), a single-channel video that examines the role of intimacy in relation to desire and physical proximity. Presenting images and sounds that that are surrogates for the liquidity or porosity of the body, of being inside and outside, Looking So Hard At Something… slips between the sensual image and its abstraction.



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