Sue Tompkins, 'My Dataday', 2010, ink on paper.

Born 1971, Leighton Buzzard, based in Glasgow.

Using both the spoken and the written word Sue Tompkins creates work that is lyrical, personal and provocative. Tompkins’ language resembles half-caught slogans, incidental phrases and intimate commentary. In its written form, her work appears as concrete poetry, while the performed text is delivered as a rhythmic set of utterances, looping scenarios that hover between associative play and syncopated vocalisation.

For The Voice Is A Language at Tate Modern, Tompkins presents My Dataday, 2010/12. Originally conceived as a sound work for the Tramway presentation of TVL, Tompkins has transposed the piece into a performance work on the occasion of TVL’s presentation at Electra’s Feminisms and the Sonic.

Tompkins appears courtesy The Modern Institute.
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